Trading the NZD/USD Daily Chart

May 31, 2016 Staff Writer 0

Every professional trader uses support and resistance level for their trade entry. The Fibonacci retracement combined with previous support and resistance level works like a charm for the traders. After extreme back testing experts have […]

Trading the EUR/JPY Daily Chart

May 31, 2016 Staff Writer 0

The EUR/JPY is one of the most volatile pairs in the forex market. Due to its relatively high volatility, it’s extremely hard to trade with the traditional forex trading strategies. Professional traders have developed a […]

Bollinger Band and Its Variations

May 30, 2016 Staff Writer 0

In today’s trading world, the most widely used channel indicator is the Bollinger band. The Bollinger band indicator was developed based on simple moving average theory. The band consists of three bands of different moving […]

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